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Following Jesus Right Where You Are

Making time to listen and love right where we are is so important in times like these. Check out this beautiful excerpt from our friend Marty Troyer’s book, The Gospel Next Door, Following Jesus Right Where You Are:

“Thousands of churches, families, and missional communities are following Jesus right where they are and are being transformed along with their neighborhoods.

“Ordinary Christians are putting their faith into practice- taking Jesus seriously, joining God in healing their neighborhoods, and refusing to remain silent about what they’ve witnessed.

“This story does not come naturally to most of us. Most of us inherited a story about mission centered on foreign missions, which has to do with a sender (local congregation or mission agency) sending special people (missionaries) to a special place (over there!) to do special things (missions).

“Ordinary Christians, in this model, are demoted to secular careers that produce tithes and to church membership that invites volunteerism.

“But God invites us into a more nuanced narrative. The mission of God invites us to imagine a new sender (God) who sends all people to the places they already live to restore all things. No longer do we compartmentalize super-Christians who respond to God’s call to go and second-class Christians who choose to stay.

“Being a ‘normal Christian’ actually means doing the very things Jesus would do if he were living our lives. True missional living invites us to imagine things differently: God, the gospel, the places we live, and our part in God’s restoration project.”

Excerpted from The Gospel Next Door: Following Jesus Right Where You Are (Herald Press, 2016). Used by permission. Available for purchase on Amazon.com

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