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Would You Pray With Us?

Dear Father,

We praise You for being a good God. How awesome it has been to see Your goodness on display through the work of churches across Greater Houston! Thank You for the hundreds of relationships that have been built between mentors and mentees, workroom volunteers and teachers, and even youth groups and students as they get to know each other as penpals! Thank You for the resources that have been provided so that guardians can care for their families with dignity – ESL classes, financial literacy support, clothes closets, food drives, health fairs, and more. Thank You for the transformative relationships that have developed between our congregations and our communities as we work together for the well-being of all our children.

We praise You for being our Provider. We pray for the church leaders who are struggling to stay afloat. We pray for a support system and for Your wisdom as they try to reach their communities with Your love and truth. We pray also for every school leader who is struggling to care for their students with limited time and resources. We pray especially for the 40 schools looking for church partners right now. We thank You for the churches that have already stepped up, and we pray for more churches to answer the call so that every one of these schools can experience Your faithful provision through a local church.*

We praise You for being a God of abundance. Thank You for each and every board member, advisor, volunteer, and investor You have blessed Loving Houston with over the past 4 1/2 years. Thank You for their passion for this work and for their willingness to give of their time and resources so that every school can one day have a committed, caring church partner. We pray that we will continue to trust in Your provision for financial resources and co-laborers. May we operate out of a spirit of abundance, knowing that You are the Great Provider, and out of a spirit of boldness, knowing that You are sovereign and Lord of all.

In a world where shootings, suicides, and sexual abuse have become far too commonplace, we pray that our churches will be a refuge and a light in our communities. May every child in Greater Houston have an opportunity to thrive because of the faithful involvement of local churches.

In Jesus’ powerful and precious name we pray,

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