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Inspiration from Amy Taylor!

Our dear friend Amy Taylor from St. Paul’s United Methodist Church shared this with us in response to November’s e-newsletter. We pray that you’ll be encouraged!

“It is easy to forget that the luncheons and supply drives and Pinterest teacher appreciation gift ideas are just the hallway to the grand ballroom of kinship. That is the calling for us as faith communities, isn’t it? To show up and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE everyone who inhabits those hallways and classrooms. We live in a world where schools have become war zones. It hit me as I was reading your article that we could be potentially redirecting a kid from becoming a bully or being bullied by helping them grow in their self-confidence and showing compassion. We could be the glimmer of hope that God uses that day to inspire a teacher to keep at it despite the mountain-sized challenges they face every day. Can you imagine what it must be like to have to muster up the strength every day to creatively teach your students while hurdling such insurmountable obstacles and lack of resources AND deal with the reality you are at risk of being involved in the next school shooting??? Teachers and school administrators are heroes in my book. This is why partnering with a school is one of THE most important ways we serve our community. It’s not small. 

“I saw this on Instagram a couple of weeks ago and it has been breathing life into me. It is hard not to get washed away with despair these days and this helps me to keep it in perspective.”

Thank you so much for sharing this with us, Amy, and for all you do to lead your church’s partnership with MacGregor Elementary. And THANK YOU to all the church leaders, school leaders, and volunteers out there seeking justice, showing mercy, and walking humbly each and every day in our local schools. You are making a difference! 

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