August 2016 E-Newsletter



Did you know?

When we talk with Christians about how Loving Houston equips churches to serve schools, we often hear: “Churches are allowed to serve schools?” When we talk with school districts and school staff about how we equip churches to serve schools, we often hear: “That’s great! That makes so much sense!” Guess what, Church? We areallowed to serve schools. In fact, they’re asking us to serve!

We’re getting ready to kick off a series of events that could be pivotal in the short history of Loving Houston. On 8/16, Klein ISD is hosting an Equipping Session so that Loving Houston can inspire and equip local church leaders to serve schools in their district. And from 8/11 to 8/18, Houston ISD – the largest school district in Texas with nearly 300 schools – is hosting 4 Faith Fairs for church leaders to learn about serving schools in their district. These Faith Fairs will be condensed versions of our full Equipping Sessions. Participating church leaders will learn about the big-picture vision of church-school partnerships, the Biblical inspiration for serving, available resources for church-school partnerships, and the specific ministries and services that churches can offer local schools. We’re hopeful that the success of these 4 pilot Faith Fairs will set the stage for future Faith Fairs at the remaining 36 Houston ISD high schools!

Praise God that these districts have caught the vision of church-school partnerships!

Would you join us?

1) PRAY that church leaders will come to these sessions to dialogue with district leaders and principals about how they can partner together.

2) INVITE church leaders or church members you know who want to reach out to their communities. (You can or click on the links at the top of this email to share it on social media.)

3) ATTEND one of these sessions. Let’s show Houston that churches in our city are serious about faith in action!

“‘Love the Lord your God…’ and, ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.'” Luke 10:27

How awesome would it be for Klein and Houston ISD staff members to share their dreams with rooms FULL of church leaders who are committed not only to the well-being of their church members, but also to the well-being of their neighbors? How encouraged would they be to see that the Church is FOR them and not against them?

Church-school partnerships have had a positive impact on schools across Greater Houston and across the country. They’ve also had a positive impact on churches as leaders and volunteers make time to live out their faith right in their own backyards, being salt and light in the communities God has called them to. Thank you for your partnership in this work. We are blessed to be working alongside each of you!

“Every School Needs Loving Houston”

Lawrence Allen serves on the Texas State Board of Education and is the Community Relations Liaison for Faith-Based Partnerships with Houston Independent School District.

He came to our most recent Board Meeting to share about our collaborative work in Houston ISD. Read excerpts from his presentation to us below.

“When I was the principal at Jones High School, I had 1,300 kids (along with 4 of my own!). These kids needed someone to support them, to motivate them, and to let them know that they’re worth investing in. 80-90% of them were from single parent homes. 80-90% had an incarcerated parent. 80-90% were economically disadvantaged. Even two to three years of a consistent relationship with a caring adult can make such a difference. We don’t need money. We need someone who can tell our kids ‘You can do it!’ (Although sometimes money can help!)

“My own son was given a mentor. My son didn’t have a chance to talk with his father because his father had 1,300 other children. My son’s father wanted quiet when he got home. My son benefited from having a mentor, and now I’m trying to get a mentor for all the kids in Houston ISD.

“Every school needs Loving Houston. Carnegie Vanguard High School needs Loving Houston. Worthing High School needs Loving Houston. The support of the Church brings schools an incredible resource of human capital that these principals wouldn’t have otherwise.  Humans will identify the needs. Humans will fix the needs. One person in Houston ISD can’t fix the problem.”

Church, let’s answer the call!


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