Upcoming Events

Leaders Gatherings (12:00PM—1:00PM)

This year, we’re talking about what healthy Relief, Reconciliation, and Development look like in church school partnerships. (Listen to previous speakers here and community spotlights here.) 

All Leaders Gatherings are free and online due to COVID-19.

101 Workshops (10:00AM—12:00PM)

Learn everything you need to know to start a church school partnership! 

Don’t want to wait? Contact us to set up a call!

All 101 Workshops are free and online due to COVID-19.

Partner Events:

We hope that these events from like-minded organizations will be helpful as you lead and serve.

*Harris County COVID-19 Threat Level: https://covid-harriscounty.hub.arcgis.com/

*Fort Bend County COVID-19 Threat Level: https://www.coronavirusfortbend.gov/ 

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