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In January 2015, Loving Houston discovered 72 schools with a church partner. Today, we know of over 280 schools with church partners and have helped start more than 100 new church school partnerships – praise God! But with 1,500 schools in the Greater Houston area, we have more work to do!

Search the map below for a school near you. We can also connect you with a school looking for a church partner – contact us!


HOW TO SEARCH for a school near you:

  • Click on the magnifying glass to the left of “Search for a School Near You”.
  • Type in your church name or address. Click Enter.
  • Zoom out if necessary to find the closest school.
  • Click on an icon for information about a specific school.

Note: Schools with existing partners may have additional partnership opportunities. 

The following School Rankings published by CHILDREN AT RISK offer detailed information on every school. These rankings are not meant to cast judgment but rather to show where it might be helpful to serve.

Attend a 101 Workshop or contact us to start a church school partnership.

Know another church serving in a local school? Please let us know!

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