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Churches are serving schools across Greater Houston!

Mom Tanya and daughters Zoey and Belle all have different interests and passions, but they all volunteer together through The Bridge’s partnership with Pink Elementary! 

What began as an annual extreme makeover project has now become a 365-days-a-year partnership that has powerfully transformed both church and school.

James has been volunteering for the past several years through Wellspring Church International’s partnership with Austin Elementary. Hear his story here!

You don’t have to volunteer with students one-on-one. Serving teachers can also be incredibly meaningful and significant.

Bill has been tutoring 2nd graders at Housman for over 20 years! What a beautiful way to really get to know and love our neighbors.

Teri has become like a second mom to her mentee, and we’re loving the positive ripple effect of mentoring relationships throughout the entire school!

Teachers across the country are spending their own money to make sure their students’ basic needs are met. When teachers at Willowridge High School shared this with Second Baptist South, this is what happened.


Church-School Partnerships Across the Country

What if there was a movement of churches across the nation showing up to serve our public schools in humility and respect, out of love?

When churches partner with businesses for the sake of our kids and communities, incredible things happen. Check out this Portland story.

Seven years after SouthLake Church in Portland, Oregon started serving at Roosevelt High School, they are still there—learning and growing along the way.

See what happens when Oak Pointe Church in suburban Detroit engages its members and the community to go ALL IN for Cody High School.

As part of SchoolPartners.NYC’s #WeServe campaign, Thrive Collective partnered with NY CityServe, the Luis Palau Association, World Vision, and neighborhood churches to serve eight elementary schools.

“By themselves they weren’t necessarily capable of achieving what they see before them. They could achieve a piece of it, but it was other people who helped them identify the fullness of what they could be.” — Sam Wisneski, Creative Director, Thrive Collective

This might be the most clear and compelling call we’ve seen about why and how churches should serve our local schools.

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