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Loving Houston’s Mission is to advance community transformation by helping churches serve local schools.

We inspire and equip churches to build long-term relationships with local schools so that every child, parent, and teacher can experience Jesus’ love in a tangible way.

We were founded on the idea that Christians should be out in the community beyond the four walls of the church, loving our neighbors as God first loved us. Thanks to advice from Dr. Stephen Klineberg of the Rice University Kinder Institute, we decided to invest in children because this has the greatest potential for long-term community transformation.

Every community challenge is present in our local schools: from hunger to homelessness, human trafficking, refugees, mental health challenges, and more. Partnering with schools allows churches to come alongside the community within an existing infrastructure to address every single one of these challenges, in the context of meaningful relationships and in Jesus’ name.

Each church doesn’t have to address every challenge, but every church can do something to help. With 1,500 schools and 3,500 churches in Greater Houston, connecting every school with at least one church partner will allow every child to experience the love of Jesus in a personal and tangible way. By partnering with local schools, the body of Christ can transform our city for good together!

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