March 2017 E-Newsletter


In his book, The Great Commandment Principle, David Ferguson opens with this story:

“…Ray, who was not a believer, lived in the neighborhood and was out for an evening walk. Curious about why the church parking lot was full on a Friday night, he had stepped inside to take a look.

“He walked over near me and surveyed the sea of people. Obviously perplexed at the sight, he asked, ‘What are they doing?’

“‘They’re comforting one another,’ I explained.

“Ray continued to watch the people share their hurts and tenderly embrace – married couples, single adults, and entire families. Tears formed in his eyes, and there was a longing in his voice. ‘That’s what I need.’

“Sensing a divine appointment, I said, ‘Are there stressful or painful things going on in your life right now?’

“Ray nodded. [His job was in jeopardy, he had just placed his mother in a nursing home, and his fiancee had recently broken up with him.] This young man was in a world of hurt!

“Others gathered around Ray and shared God’s love with him by comforting him. The unexpected outpouring of love from total strangers lifted a great burden from Ray, and before the evening was over, he committed his life to Jesus Christ. Today he is involved in church and a singles ministry. Through new friends in the church, Ray found a better job. And the church’s ministry to shut-ins is sharing the love of Christ with Ray’s mother in the nursing home…

“Isn’t this what every one of us prays for? Don’t we fervently desire to see people like Ray drawn to Christ by what they see in our lives?”

Friend, this beautiful story happened in Titusville, Florida. Now can I share a story that happened right here in the Houston area?

The Bridge Fellowship began a partnership with Lamar Consolidated ISD’s Pink Elementary in 2015. Last month, one of the pastors at The Bridge received this email from a teacher at Pink:

“I first heard about you all because I teach 4th grade at Pink Elementary.  I was so impressed and became curious about The Bridge because y’all do so much for us.  From sponsoring a Christmas party in every classroom, [to] the donations of supplies, [to] all the volunteers I noticed on campus wearing their ‘Do Good’ shirts, I told my husband that I had to see what you guys were all about.

“…Needless to say, we visited and now consider ourselves part of The Bridge Family… I’m excited to let you know that we have joined a small group in our neighborhood… We met last night for the second time, and we already feel a strong connection with our group. My husband is joining the security team and I will begin volunteering as a greeter in the next couple of weeks. Our kids LOVE this church and don’t like to miss! They love learning about Jesus! I am so proud to be a part of The Bridge family. I’m proud to wear my ‘Do Good’ shirt.

“I cannot tell you enough how much we have grown closer to our Father and with one another since joining. We definitely have fallen more in love with Jesus and with one another these past 10 months….

“The Bridge has done so much for our family, and we thank you for that!”

What if your church did something a little different this Easter? What if, instead of inviting the community to your church’s events, you offered to help with their events and with their needs? Consider this from The Great Commandment Principle:

“Our world needs a relevant, vibrant body of believers who will serve as a shelter in the storm, a refuge from the pressures of life, a sanctuary of hope where hurts can be healed and spiritual needs can be met. Christ is the answer – we sincerely believe it. But the needy world has every reason to question the relevance of the answer if our lives and our ministries fail to exude Great Commandment love.”

We know your church likely has Easter plans already.* But in the next several months, would you consider showing this Great Commandment love in your local school? You’ll have a chance to see and address some very real needs – and children, parents, teachers, and staff will view God (and your church) very differently as a result!

A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples.
– John 13:34-35


Q: We’d like to partner with a school, but it’s almost the end of the school year! Can we still help?

A: Yes! See below for ideas. (You don’t have to do everything – ask your local school which one(s) they’d like help with!):

  • Provide breakfast for teachers and students during STAAR testing this week.
  • Teachers are likely running low on supplies by now and have to buy extras using their own money. Ask if you can help restock.
  • Volunteer at end-of-year parties, spring carnivals, and field trips, or provide snacks or supplies.
  • Many schools give out student awards. Offer to make these awards more special with gift cards or other tokens of appreciation.
  • Prom can be expensive! Hold a clothing drive to collect gently used dresses, suits, shoes, etc. (Many districts are holding drives – check with yours to see how you can help!) Offer to help with flowers or photography.
  • Help teachers pack up their classrooms at the end of the year.
  • Students might be accepted into college but may not be able to afford to go. Offer scholarships!
  • Offer scholarships to summer camps, or host summer programs at your church.

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