November 2017 E-Newsletter #1



Thanks to everyone who joined us for Lunch with Kevin Palau on October 17. We were so encouraged to hear about the work God is doing through each of you to impact students and families right now as well as for eternity. Thanks for coming and for sharing your powerful stories!  Click here to see pictures


How to Help Without Hurting… during the Holidays!

Can you believe it’s already November?! As the holidays are approaching, consider these tips as you care for the students, teachers, and families in your local schools.


Do with, not for. There are so many immediate needs for food, clothing, and more right now, especially after Hurricane Harvey. As you care for families, involve them in the planning process. Invite students and parents to collect, sort, and distribute donations alongside church volunteers. Invite students and parents to cook holiday meals with church volunteers – then sit down and eat together! Rather than giving away Christmas presents to families, sell the collected gifts at a deep discount so that parents can still experience the joy and dignity of purchasing gifts for their own children. (For an example of this, see Agape Development’s 2016 Pride for Parents.)


Hire for the holidays. Many families have lost jobs or had work hours greatly reduced as a result of Harvey, whether because their workplaces were flooded or because they have been unable to return to their previous places of employment due to personal displacement. Encourage business owners and hiring managers to hire students and parents looking for work, especially during the holidays (or walk alongside them through the job search process!).


Ask how you can help. We encourage churches to ASK schools how they can help throughout the year, and this is definitely still relevant during the holidays. Rather than putting together your own church events to invite neighbors to, ask how you can help during school or community hosted events, e.g. holiday parties, food and clothing drives, etc. If you plan to purchase gifts for students or families, ask the school or the families you are personally connected with about what would be most appreciated.


Helpful articles:

Pray With Us

  • Pray for school district leaders as they assess the needs of their students, teachers, and school campuses after Hurricane Harvey. Pray also for favor and expanded networks as they seek necessary resources.
  • Pray for church leaders caring for their congregations and others in their local communities and schools after Harvey. Pray for wisdom and favor as they engage like-minded churches, businesses, and organizations to do this work.
  • Pray for Loving Houston as we discern how to best walk alongside church and school leaders during the short-term relief period, as well as through the long-term recovery and rebuilding process.
  • Pray that individuals and families across Greater Houston would have a better understanding of God’s faithful love through the actions of His people.
“Unless the LORD builds the house, those who build it labor in vain…” Psalm 127:1
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