November 2017 E-Newsletter #2

One of our favorite things is hearing about how God is working through His people! In October, we heard from Pastor Parris Patrick about how his mentors have helped to prevent a suicide and a shooting at their partner school – wow! Pastor Randy Beck shared about how a collaborative network of churches in Fort Bend County is committed to demonstrating the gospel to every man, woman, and child in their given geography, and how serving schools is a key pillar of that work. We love that!

We also love that church-school partnerships are changing perceptions:

“People kept calling these kids ‘bad’. But they weren’t bad. They had parents in prison for murder and doing drugs, so they were stealing to get food for their siblings. They were just in need…  they needed guidance.”

” A first grader… kept getting into detention. When the Principal asked his teacher why, she replied that he’s stealing other kids’ lunches because he’s hungry. They learned that the family is on food stamps, and the mom hides the food to stretch it out for the month. Last April, we did a home repair project with them (we didn’t do it for them). We began a relationship with that family.”

“One of our volunteers began a chess club for students that started at 7am. At the end of the school year, these kids went to a district competition and won! This was a great example that proved… poor kids are not dumb.”

Thanks to all of the partnership leaders who have been sharing stories of impact with our Program Manager, Melissa. Your faithful commitment to these schools has been such an encouragement to us, and we hope that hearing stories from fellow leaders will be an encouragement for you in your work as well!

Praying for you and for our Houston-area churches and schools,

Marilyn Lee
Executive Director
Loving Houston

Tuesday 11/28 is Giving Tuesday!

Loving Houston offers our workshops free of charge because we believe that every church has been equipped and called to show God’s love, no matter what financial resources they have. And every church can make a difference, no matter what financial resources they have.  Would you consider giving so that we can continue our work at no cost to churches? Our vision is for EVERY school in Greater Houston to have a committed, caring church partner demonstrating God’s faithful love to students, teachers, and families, and your investment will help make that possible.

ALSO, we have an investor matching up to $10,000 for this Giving Tuesday campaign! You don’t have to wait until Tuesday to give – just write “Giving Tuesday” in the Notes/Memo section of your check or online gift to maximize your donation.  Click here to give
Loving Houston Vision

Pray With Us

  • Pray for all those  who are still living in houses or apartments that have not been mucked or gutted. Pray that churches will come alongside them and that they will trust these churches enough to ask for and accept help.
  • Pray for church, school, nonprofit, and government leaders as we work together to help those affected by Hurricane Harvey. (Recovery efforts are projected to last for 12 to 15 years!) Pray for perseverance for the leaders and volunteers.
  • Pray for Loving Houston as we focus this year on building relationships with churches. Pray that we will follow God’s leading, and that churches will be reinvigorated as they see lives transformed in our churches and our schools.
“Unless the LORD builds the house, those who build it labor in vain…” Psalm 127:1

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