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Aldine needs additional assistance to help all of our students perform at the same academic levels… Business partners help Aldine neutralize the impact of poverty and mobility. —Aldine ISD

Serving in Aldine ISD

From Aldine’s point of view, education is everyone’s business. We agree!

Aldine ISD has approximately 69,000 students. Eighty-five percent are economically disadvantaged and 24 percent move from one campus to another or to another district during the course of the school year. Given these statistics, Aldine ISD recognizes the need for business partners to help neutralize the impact of poverty and mobility. Partners can serve as mentors, tutors, or Texas Scholars and Career Day presenters. Partners can also assist with special projects or provide school supplies as needed.

Aldine ISD encourages interested partners to contact principals directly. To connect with the district first, contact Abel Garza, Director of Community Engagement & Partnerships, at 281-985-6085 or

Organizations Serving Students

If you or your church would prefer to serve through an established organization, consider developing a long-term partnership with Bridging for Tomorrow. We love their holistic, empowering, and faith-based programs. 
If your church needs resources, curriculum, or education to care for and empower families in your local school, connect with Memorial Assistance Ministries. We can help make an introduction if you’d like!
Know of another organization serving students in Aldine ISD? Let us know!

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