Brazosport ISD


Churches in the Brazosport area can partner with schools in Brazosport ISD through Loving BISD.            Loving BISD currently has 21 area churches partnering with 17 of BISD’s 19 schools!

“Because of all the changes and challenges this year, our volunteer opportunities have been modified to meet the needs of the students and staff. These opportunities will continue to be modified throughout the year, but we have met with BISD district officials and have composed a list of things our churches can do right now to bless their partner school.”

  1. Provide teachers, staff, with a catered meal. It must be from a restaurant or place of business such as Shipley’s Donuts, Chick-Fil-A, etc. 
  2. Provide wrapped snacks such as candy bars, peanuts, etc. for teacher’s lounge or teacher’s mail boxes. 
  3. We have a new opportunity to bless the teachers and staff. BISD Child Nutrition bakes cupcakes and cobblers to sell. They are very reasonably priced, and are available for sale to our churches to bless the school staff. Call your school volunteer liaison and they will contact the appropriate person in Child Nutrition and set it up as per your orders. 
  4. Write encouraging notes to the teachers. You can get a list of the teachers from the volunteer liaison on your campus.
  5. Provide teachers and staff with an email address where they can send prayer requests. Of course, you must have a group in your church willing to pray over them and respond.
  6. Ask if you can help teachers with bulletin boards, etc. by doing things at home such as cutting, painting, drawing, etc. Make plans with the teacher/s or the school liaison contact for a time to pick up or drop off the materials.
  7. On Facebook, visit Adopt a Teacher or Staff Member in Brazosport ISD to adopt a teacher, or teachers from your school (or any school). There is a list of how you can bless them on that same post on our Loving BISD facebook page.
  8. Have prayer meetings in your church for your school and for BISD.
  9. Have a school supply drive or contact your school and find out what the students or the teachers may need, and bless the school with those supplies.
  10. If you mentored a student last year, you will be contacted to continue that relationship this year, online, if you wish. Right now they are not forming new mentor relationships for this year but may resume later in the year.
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