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“…The community here still believes in public education. Houston supports its children, and… we cannot do this work alone.”  —Houston Independent School District

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For assistance finding a church or school partner in Houston ISD, contact:

Read on for more information about serving in Houston ISD.

The opportunity set before us is amazing! The Lord has opened all sorts of new doors this season for the church in Houston to be a blessing to families — through serving kids, caregivers, teachers, and faculty in our local schools!

Several doors have also been opened for churches to help amidst this challenge time:


Houston ISD partners with Pro Unitas to provide a database and map of services to schools and students. If you would like your church to be included on this map and database for schools and students, please email your Area’s District Coordinator (see above) with the following information:

  1. What school(s) you serve
  2. What services you provide (e.g. mentoring, teacher support, literacy, one-time event, beautification)
  3. How many volunteers provide these services from your church


While we may not be able to meet in person with students for the foreseeable future, there are still several opportunities that we can help with:

  1. Wraparound specialists have been tasked with contacting every family from their school to see how they are doing. That is a lot of contacts that you might be able to help with! (By helping the school make these contacts, you will also be serving families in the community, which is an integral part of the mission of every church.)
  2. Teachers are faced with so many uncertainties. Would you be willing to contact your school for a list of teachers and write thank you notes/encouragement cards? You could also make gift baskets or provide cleaning supplies or other supplies that the teachers need.
  3. Some schools may need help cleaning their building before students return. This would be a great project for a church to help the school with.

With all three of these options, the best way to get started is by contacting the Wraparound Specialist at your school. If you need help figuring out who that is (or if your school doesn’t have a Wraparound Specialist, yet), please contact your Area’s District Coordinator (see above).

We really believe the Church of Houston can make a huge impact on families in Houston these coming months by being an intentional blessing to the local schools!

Don’t reinvent the wheel! Check out Houston ISD’s Community Resource Guide here.
As you’re interacting with students, parents, and teachers, if you come across a mental health challenge that is beyond what you can handle, encourage them to call the Houston ISD Mental Health Support line. It’s available 24 hours a day and completely free: 713-556-1340.


Search our Map of Greater Houston Schools.

  • Filter by District or click on the magnifying glass to search for a school near you.
  • Click on a marker for more information about a specific school.

The following schools in Houston ISD are currently looking for church partners. Contact your Area’s District Coordinator (see above) for more information.

  • Attucks MS
  • Benavidez ES
  • Betsy Ross ES
  • Booker T. Washington HS
  • Bruce ES
  • Ed White ES
  • Edison MS
  • Fleming MS
  • Garcia ES
  • Gregory-Lincoln Educational Center
  • Henry MS
  • High School Ahead Academy
  • Hobby ES
  • Janowski ES
  • Jefferson ES
  • Kashmere Gardens ES
  • Lockhart MS
  • Looscan ES
  • M.C. Williams MS
  • Marshall ES
  • Robinson ES
  • Scarborough ES
  • Sherman ES
  • Sugar Grove Academy (MS)
  • Thomas MS
  • Whittier ES


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