Unless the Lord builds the house, the builders labor in vain. — Psalm 127:1

Schools are so often criticized for what they’re doing wrong. How powerful would it be if churches across the city came alongside our schools to lift them up in prayer instead? Can you imagine how differently people would view God and the Church if they knew that churches across the city were not condemning them but rather lifting them up in prayer?

You can pray for students, teachers, administrators, staff members, and families. You can also contact the school directly or engage parents and teachers from your church to see what specific requests you can pray about.

You can also check out one of the following organizations for resources to help you pray. We love the vision of Moms in Prayer: that every school in the world would be covered with prayer! Click on the link below to join (or start!) a prayer group for your local school. Pray Houston! mobilizes prayer groups and pastors across Greater Houston to pray for our communities. We’re so grateful that both of these organizations are committed to seeking God’s will for our communities and schools through prayer.

If we EACH commit to praying for our local school, EVERY child in every school in Houston can be covered in prayer! (Then consider how you and your church can be the answer to your prayers!)

Know of any other Prayer resources? Let us know!

Want help getting started? Let us know!