Unless the Lord builds the house, the builders labor in vain. — Psalm 127:1

Prayer is needed more than ever this school year! Would you join us in ensuring that EVERY school in Greater Houston is prayed over this year?

We held online prayer gatherings for the following school districts in April. Click on the links below to watch the videos and pray alongside churches in your district:

Our local schools need prayer now more than ever!

Gather fellow volunteers, your small group, or the church staff team to pray for the students, families, and teachers in your local school. This may need to be online for now—set up an online Zoom prayer gathering, or set up an email address that school teachers and staff can send requests to. You can also gather a group to prayer walk around the school and in the neighborhoods where students live. (Please follow CDC guidelines.)

See below for helpful prayer resources:

If you need prayer during this time, please contact us or the 24-hour KSBJ Prayer and Care line at 281-652-5555 or

Know of any other Prayer resources? Let us know!

Want help getting started? Let us know!

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