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Teachers are going through so much right now amidst the challenges of COVID-19 — figuring out how to teach online and care for their students from a distance, all while caring for their own families at home. Let’s make time to love our teachers!

Long Point Baptist Church wanted to care for the teachers in their partner school, but they knew they couldn’t care for every teacher. Hear from Pastor Kevin Alvarez about the awesome creative solution they ended up with!

Here’s another idea from Champion Forest Baptist Church:

  1. Find your school’s staff directory online
  2. Split out the teachers among your volunteers/small groups
  3. Have each volunteer write an email (or send an e-gift card!) to say THANK YOU! 

More Resources:

If teachers are equipped with essential social and emotional competencies, then they will remain in the classroom longer and develop stronger relationships with students, parents, fellow teachers, and administrators. In turn, these teachers will drive students’ academic, social, and emotional learning. — FuelEd Schools

Churches all over Greater Houston are serving local schools by supporting teachers. Click here to see another beautiful example in Houston ISD.

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