Family Support

What an opportunity we have to love the families in our local schools amidst the challenges of COVID-19.

Families need jobs, their basic needs met, and counseling… and sometimes all of the above! Doing a supply drive or a food distribution event? Do it specifically for families in your partner school. Every teacher is checking in with their students right now. Work with your partner school to ensure that the time and resources you give actually make it to the families and children who need it most.

Greater St. Matthew Church worked with their partner school, Bastian Elementary, to ensure that all of their students had the food and resources they needed. Hear more from Rev. Gusta Booker III and Principal Everett Hare!

When League City Elementary discovered that many of their students needed Chromebooks to access their schoolwork, their church partner Ecclesia Clear Lake stepped up to help. Hear more from Pastor Coby Cagle!

If your school partner needs additional technology for their students to be able to access online learning right now, please let us know. We have a contact who can provide laptops and WiFi-enabled personal computers for approximately $150 each, including safety features required by your school district.

Resources for Families Amidst COVID-19:

Family Counseling:

Financial Literacy:

Job Support:

Regional Support:

Our kids have a better chance of flourishing when their families are flourishing!

Know of any other resources for Families? Let us know!

Want help getting started? Let us know!

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