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Small Steps Toward Great Success

by Abbie Powell “There are so many tiny successes that turn into great ones,” says Cathie Tanner, the director of Holy Comforter Lutheran Church’s Kids Hope program. Twelve years ago, Cathie began the journey of partnering with Kids Hope, an organization that equips church members to invest in one-on-one relationships with local students. More than anything, research shows that children thrive with the influence of a caring, committed adult. When a mentor steps into their lives, simply showing up time and time again, those growing trust bonds begin to have a dramatic impact on the student, both socially and academically....
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A New School Year – New Opportunities

by Abbie Powell Brightly colored displays of crayons, notebooks, and pencils greet us as we walk into the grocery store. It’s undeniable; summer is coming to an end, and another school year lies just around the corner. Though there is a certain sadness in saying goodbye to the sunshine-filled, carefree days of summer, hopeful anticipation fills the air. With a new school year comes new opportunities. Teachers wonder about the new students they will guide and the impact they might have. Children wonder about the new friends they could meet, the grades they might earn, and the sports team they...
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Stay Put… Or Not?

Photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash Wow, can you believe school is starting in just a few short weeks? As schools make their final preparations, many are still in search of a committed, caring church partner. Would you consider what our dear friend Melissa Toon has to say? (You’ll want to read this – she’s a great writer!) I have heard many wilderness experts say, “If you get lost in the woods, stay put in a safe location and let the search party come to you.”  I always keep this piece of advice in my head when I am out...
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Would You Pray With Us?

Dear Father, We praise You for being a good God. How awesome it has been to see Your goodness on display through the work of churches across Greater Houston! Thank You for the hundreds of relationships that have been built between mentors and mentees, workroom volunteers and teachers, and even youth groups and students as they get to know each other as penpals! Thank You for the resources that have been provided so that guardians can care for their families with dignity – ESL classes, financial literacy support, clothes closets, food drives, health fairs, and more. Thank You for the transformative...
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Prayers for Sante Fe

Would you pray with us right now for the community at Sante Fe High School, and for schools across Greater Houston and across the country? Pray for God’s supernatural comfort, and for the humility and wisdom needed to work together towards change. (Some of you may remember the story we shared back in February about a shooting that was prevented because of the school’s relationship with a local church. Join us at our next Loving Houston 101 Workshop to learn how your church can begin a relationship that could literally save a life!)   Image: Scott Olsen/Getty Images

Meet Melissa!

Melissa came on staff in July 2017 and has been an amazing addition to our Loving Houston team. In celebration of her birthday later this month, we did a little get-to-know-you interview! P.S. For those of you at smaller churches, Melissa’s church has about 40 people so you’ll definitely want to read about their school partnership below! What brought you (back) to Houston? We sensed God calling us back to the city we grew up in, to be part of the transforming work He was already doing in this diverse city. What’s your favorite thing about Houston? Favorite restaurant? Our favorite thing about Houston is its...
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“Will I go to hell if I kill someone?”

That was not a question Pastor Parris was expecting when he arrived at his partner school that day. Every Thursday, Pastor Parris meets with a group of 13 “incorrigible” kids. “Give me all of them!” had been his enthusiastic, albeit naive, response to his principal’s request for mentors. On this particular Thursday, they were talking through life lessons based on an ancient proverb when one of the kids began crying.   “Why are you crying, son?”   “…Will I go to hell if I kill someone?”   Wow. Pastor Parris sensed the stirring of the Holy Spirit and immediately stopped...
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Westwood Elementary and Local Church Respond to Family Needs

(Earlier this year, we had the privilege of helping launch this partnership between Westwood Elementary and West Houston Chinese Church. Full story here – reprinted with permission from Spring Branch ISD) In the aftermath of Tropical Storm Harvey’s deluge, teachers and staff at Westwood Elementary took quick steps to assess neighborhood needs for students and families. The school also partnered with nearby West Houston Chinese Church to provide food and clothing to families impacted by flooding. On Sept. 2, Communities in Schools Project Manager Betsabeth Beyk and campus leaders invited families to the campus adjacent Agnes Moffatt Park to have...
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