Loving Our Neighbors Amidst COVID-19

As we care for our own families during this time, let’s continue to care for the children and teachers in our local schools. (If you’re not connected with a school, yet, we can connect you!) Schools aren’t meeting in person, but school staff are checking in regularly with every student to see how they’re doing—and students and families who were struggling before are struggling even more now. Even if it’s online or at a distance for now, let’s love our students, families, and teachers in Jesus’ name!

Church-School Partnership Ideas Amidst COVID-19

As always, ask how you can help. If needed, see below for ideas (click on the orange links for examples):

  • Support and Appreciate Teachers. Email teachers to see how they’re doing. Invite volunteers (or your pastor!) to record short videos expressing appreciation. (Bonus: Send an e-gift card to say THANK YOU!)
  • Mentor. Ask if your school partner has an online mentoring platform. If not, ask if you can write a letter or an email for the school to pass along! 
  • Pray. Continue your prayer ministry via Zoom or ask if you can start one! (Find prayer resources here.)
  • Collect and Distribute Food and Supplies. Work with your school partner to ensure that every child in your neighborhood has access to the food and resources they need.
  • Celebrate Seniors. Split out the seniors among your volunteers and create “conGRADulation” care packages or schedule “senior porch portraits”. (Consider celebrating 5th graders and 8th graders also!)
  • Offer Internet Access. If your church is reopening, offer time slots for families to access the Internet so that kids can complete their schoolwork. You can also help ensure that students have access to needed technology.
  • Summer/Fall Needs. Schools and school districts are planning for the summer and fall! Join the conversation by participating in School Board calls or joining your school’s Campus Improvement Team.

Information, Resources, and Hotlines

Harris County Information:

Fort Bend County Information:

Mental Health Resources: 

Additional Resources:

Hotlines (Available 24/7):

Let’s continue to pray for our national, state, and city leaders as they make decisions regarding the health of our communities. Pray also for families as they make difficult decisions regarding work, childcare, and the safety and well-being of every family member. May we love our neighbors well during this time!

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