Church-School Partnerships

Loving Houston helps churches serve local schools by equipping church leaders with the information and networks they need to serve excellently.

There are 3 ways to start a church-school partnership: 

1. Go through your school district.

Our Greater Houston school districts understand the importance of community engagement and offer excellent programs that community partners can serve through. Many school districts also have specific processes and guidelines for starting a community partnership, so see our School District pages for details about how to serve in your district. (Check out these basic tips before getting started!)


2. Contact a school directly.

Some districts prefer that you contact a school directly to determine partnership opportunities. If so, check out these links for tips and ideas on getting started:

Once your church and school mutually agree upon partnership opportunities, check out our Materials & Curriculum page for information on various programs and activities. No need to reinvent the wheel!


3. Learn from us and other local leaders.

Loving Houston offers group learning sessions for leaders interested in starting or expanding church-school partnerships. Read more below—then contact Michael at to sign up.

Our Learning Communities are for church and school leaders who are already leading church-school partnerships. These Learning Communities give leaders an opportunity to network, share ideas, and brainstorm together so that their partnerships can continue to thrive.

Our Equipping Sessions are for church leaders who want to begin a church-school partnership. Leaders will learn about the opportunity for churches to partner with their local schools, basic tips for starting a partnership, and other insights about starting and maintaining an excellent volunteer program.


If you decide to start a partnership, would you let us know? We’d love to see if there’s anything we can do to help, and we’d also love to share your story to inspire others to serve!

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